For a variety of projects, including maintenance, outages, turnaround and new construction, Bilfinger’s experts have extensive experience and technical expertise in the specification, procurement, application and maintenance of thermal and acoustic insulation, including cryogenic perlite.

Bilfinger ensures schedule and budget compliance, as well as high-performance services and materials. We can supply site expanded insulation for liquid gas storage tanks, cold boxes and LNG carrier ships. We also offer insulation systems including foamglas, polyisocyanurate, PUR, calcium silicate, mineral wool and ceramic fiber.

In addition, we offer refractory design service and material selection, as well as cladding solutions for power stations, offshore installations and tank installations. We also provide Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) inspection and monitoring of plant and pipework.

Our efficient and robust insulation solutions are customized to specifications and exposure towards corrosion, and will contribute to higher energy utilization and improved integrity and efficiencies of process plants in operation.


Tim Lowe

Tim Lowe

Offshore Operations Manager