Engineering & Design

Bilfinger provides a full range of architectural and engineering consulting services. Combining decades of experience with latest technology and best practices, we add expertise, depth and value to your project.

We earn your trust by doing things right–efficiently upgrading production installations, expanding client facilities and keeping assets compliant to the latest requirements. With a strong goal to keep production going during construction, our innovative designs can be pre-installed and take advantage of facility outages and downtimes for tie-ins – having minimal to no impact on operations.

We have proven project management procedures in place to lead complex construction projects of all sizes and types – including process mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, controls, and instrumentation projects. Our resources manage your projects safely, efficiently and on time within schedule. As a trusted engineering partner, we focus on excellence in project delivery by integrating our engineering, maintenance, and construction services to create safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

As an industry-leader in digitalization and automation, Bilfinger utilizes advanced technology in the engineering and design phases of various construction projects, including:

  • Spec Driven Software
    • Stores Data Associated with Each Component in a SQL Database
  • Plant Engineering with 3D Tools
    • Engineering & Construction of Complex Plants in Virtual Models
    • Collaboration Among Those Involved in the Project
    • Collision Check, Illustration & Review of the Plant
  • Laser Scanning Solutions
    • 3D Laser Scanning of Plants
    • Documentation with Data-Based 3D Plant Models (3D Design; PID)
    • Plant Optimizations on the Basis of the Model
  • 3D Scan for Improved Constructability
    • 2-Sided Printing with ISO’s & Rendering (Small Projects)
  • Data Vaults
    • Long-Term Storage of Data Coming from Multiple Operational Systems

We provide engineering expertise across multiple industries in:

  • Conceptual, Basic & Detailed Design
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Process/Mechanical/Piping
  • Electrical, Instrumentation & Process Control
  • Civil, Structural & Architectural
  • HVAC
  • Automation
  • Procurement
  • Building Services - MEP
  • Packaging & Logistics/Industrial
  • Fire Safety

Kurt Gilson

Kurt Gilson

President & CEO, Bilfinger Industrial Services Inc.