Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance

With its technologies, Bilfinger is in a position to significantly increase the effectiveness of a plant, to decrease maintenance costs and to reduce unplanned downtimes. Our underlying concept for the digitalization of the process industry is called “BCAP” (Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance). Our system is based upon iTWO – a quality 3-5D cost estimating technology that is used as a risk reduction tool – providing gained time due to the synergy of integrating 3D design with cost and time.

Benefits of BCAP

  • - 7-15%: Increased effectiveness of the entire system
  • - 10-30%: Reduced maintenance costs
  • - 15%: Increased labor productivity
  • - up to 25%: Reduction of unplanned downtimes
  • - As a rule, the capital employed is amortized within a year

Our Range of Services

Many operators of industrial plants are overwhelmed by the topic of digitalization. We look at the topic in four phases in order to optimally leverage growth potentials:

Your Ideal Partner

As an industry-leader in digitalization and automation, Bilfinger is the desired partner by many companies. The advantages of partnering with us include:

  • Detailed knowledge of the needs and processes of industrial customers
  • Expertise derived from on-site presence
  • Comprehensive digitalization competences and experience
  • Increased quality and efficiency in engineering and construction
  • Enhanced effectiveness and productivity of overall plant
  • Reduced maintenance costs and unplanned downtime
  • Optimized engineering, modeling and visualization of plants
  • Early integration of customers and suppliers in projects
  • Platform-independent solution
  • Facilitates an understanding of the scope and reduced number of field questions
  • Expansion of the proven BMC (Bilfinger Maintenance Concept)

Digitalization with Bilfinger

Fit for Digitalization: What BCAP can do