Commissioning Support

Prior to plant operational start-up, Bilfinger’s multi-crafted staff completes feasibility studies, designs and manages construction of plants, commission facilities, and audits existing plants for safety improvements and increased production. Our vast experience allows our experts to accurately specify process equipment, piping and controls, along with full detailed engineering and commissioning support.

In order to optimize projects, Bilfinger contributes to the configuration of facilities in their planning stage, participates in optimization studies in their design phase, witnesses system testing during their construction phase, and develops operator readiness plans to achieve an effective transition from the construction phase to full operations.

We are focused on validating construction integrity, as well as confirm the operability of a facility’s performance, reliability, safety, and security. Our comprehensive commissioning support services include:

  • IBS of GDRMA
  • Provision of Functional/Operational Tests (with and without Acceptance Authorities)
  • Strain Measurements
  • Provision of Fill/Pressure Tests
  • Establishment of Commissioning Concepts
  • Execution of Mechanical Commissioning
    • Cold Commissioning
    • Hot Commissioning
    • Elaboration of Training Documentation
    • Trainings for Operational Staff
    • Trial Run Support
    • Verification of Characteristics