CapEx (Greenfield & Brownfield)

Capital investments can have a significant impact on an organization’s value, growth-rate, and overall return on investment (ROI). To avoid risk, it is important to manage and leverage capital investments more efficiently to better forecast capital expenditure (CapEx) spending and mitigate overspending for capital projects.

Using our extensive experience and technology, Bilfinger’s qualified team provides insights for accurate capital management for greenfield and brownfield projects. We help our customers plan capital expenditures (CapEx), predict the investment value of projects, and manage, trend and forecast costs for the final investment value of each project.

At Bilfinger, we leverage our advanced technology to support business intelligence, advanced cost tracking, data interpretation, and project digitalization. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Client CapEx Feasibility & Appropriation Estimating
  • CapEx Project Cost Control & Risk Mitigation
    • WBS Creation & Budgeting
    • Trending & Forecasting
    • Contingency Drawdown
    • CapEx Scope for Planned Modification / Expansion
  • Project Management Support Services
  • Speciality RIB iTWO Software Development & Training

Our CapEx-driven services are supported by our design, manufacturing, commissioning, and after-service maintenance capabilities. At Bilfinger, we pride ourselves in security – it is our commitment to work for our clients and keep sensitive business data safe and private.