With extensive experience from offshore installation and major construction projects, Bilfinger has gained unique competencies within planning and building of various types of access and scaffolding solutions.

As a scaffolding specialist with a top priority of safety, we strive to develop the safest, most efficient and comprehensive methods to gain access to hard-to-reach places in the most challenging industrial environments, as well as meet the highest quality of standards.

In addition to lightweight mobile scaffolding towers and portable system scaffolding, we provide safe and efficient mobile elevated work platforms ideal for the vertical transport of personnel and materials on the job. These platforms are a preferred option for eliminating fatigue experienced during physical labor and are simple to operate and load, increasing productivity.

Bilfinger provides complete design, engineering, installation, and dismantle services to solve a broad range of access solutions, as well as a full range of conventional and system scaffolding products available for varying commercial and industrial needs. Our team partners with diverse companies to equip them with safe, customized, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for all access needs.


Brady Guillory

Brady Guillory

General Manager, Technology & Business Development