Rope Access

Bilfinger provides rope access solutions for commercial and industrial applications. For many circumstances, rope access techniques are a practical way to complete tasks that would otherwise involve significant expense, time, or plant outages–allowing technicians to safety reach and work at high or difficult-to-reach areas.

Our rope access services create solutions when scaffolding, swing stage, aerial platform or ladders are not feasible or practical. These solutions include: building maintenance and cleaning, such as window washing, glass cleaning, leak repairs, and visual inspections; assistance for high projects involving other companies and contractors for signs installation and repairs, visual inspections, and entertainment rigging; and industrial cleaning and maintenance of industrial vessels, facilities, wind turbines, smokestacks, and port cranes.

Bilfinger’s cost-effective rope access services and solutions provide diverse applications with greater safety, maximum efficiency and productivity, and minimal community effect and impact. Our goal is to be the preferred rope access partner for our customers and bundle services to be able to support our clients within the maintenance, modifications and operational phase.


Brady Guillory

Brady Guillory

General Manager, Technology & Business Development

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