Drone & Robotic Inspections

Bilfinger’s Inspection Division performs comprehensive remote visual inspections and surveys using our advanced robotic tools and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Our inclusive drone services are performed by FAA Certified UAV Pilots, who are also certified NDT Technicians. When integrated with our Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technology, we can reduce crew sizes by implementing two-in-one technicians, providing customers with instant cost savings.

By sending drones into complex environments and workspaces to perform inspections, our enhanced visual inspection methods keep workers out of harm’s way, reduce costs, and eliminate down time. As an added benefit, our drone inspection services are easily bundled with any of our other services.

Once problem areas are identified, Bilfinger has experienced multi-craft teams available to provide fabric maintenance and remediation/repair services.

We currently carry the following Drone models:

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