Bilfinger Turnaround Concept

When plants stand still, we make your turnaround work

The standard procedure in the process industry is to close plants regularly to be thoroughly checked and improved as part of a general plant shutdown, also known as a turnaround. For industrial plant operators, this means:

  • Production downtime,
  • Losing substantial turnover and profits, and
  • Potentially causing reputational impact with customers and shareholders.

With its Bilfinger Turnaround Concept (BTC), Bilfinger has developed a methodology that enables plant turnarounds in the process industry to be optimized. The BTC is a systematic approach that allows turnarounds to be planned and executed at the customer's locations and over multiple turnaround cycles.

The Bilfinger Turnaround Concept delivers tangible added value

Because of our systematic approach and the strategic targets set under the Bilfinger Turnaround Concept, we optimize the overall costs, reduce downtime, and extend the intervals between turnarounds. This intelligent approach adds greater value to our clients than simply competing based on reduced hourly rates or other factors.

The Bilfinger Turnaround Concept focuses on:

  • Safety & quality due to implementation of highest HSEQ standards
  • Qualified personnel through access to our global network
  • Reducing turnaround duration by applying special tools, productive resources, and improved planning & scheduling
  • Increasing intervals between turnarounds by deploying digital solutions to extend equipment lifetime
  • Providing cost-efficient and transparent solutions by offering attractive contract models and optimal turnaround execution

Core elements of the Bilfinger Turnaround Concept

The main principle of the BTC is to offer the highest possible level of competence precisely where our customers need it most while keeping the same level of quality. More specifically, the BTC consists of three elements:

Local Maintenance Unit

  • Is responsible for the operative maintenance
  • Has plant-specific knowledge and experience
  • Is connected to local suppliers

Central Turnaround Unit

  • Supports local maintenance units with resources, know-how, methodology, and tools
  • Coordinates competences and capacities for current and upcoming turnarounds
  • Takes charge of the continuous improvement of turnaround methods and tools

Turnaround Handbook & Concept

  • Cycle represents the operative handbook
  • Modules represent the strategic concept
  • Together they comprise our holistic turnaround approach

Benefits of a strategic turnaround partnership with Bilfinger

Bilfinger offers turnaround services at all collaborative levels, whether as a supplier, managing contractor, or strategic partner.

A strategic partnership with Bilfinger offers the most extensive benefits. Our holistic approach to turnarounds includes a managing contractor's usual tasks and responsibilities while focusing on long-term continuous improvement, knowledge management, and resource availability.

Our customers can count on following benefits:

  • Strict adherence to the same high HSE standards by all our employees
  • Skilled personnel who deliver optimal quality and innovative solutions for complex problems
  • Quick and flexible access to a wealth of resources and special tools
  • Intelligent digital solutions for an efficient turnaround management
  • Extensive experience, compiled and made available for all projects in our BTC handbook
  • Fewer interfaces thanks to having one major partner
  • Customized collaboration models tailored to the customer's individual needs.

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