Surface Preparation & Coatings

Bilfinger is a global leader in coatings remediation with extensive technical expertise in all aspects of painting, surface preparation methods, and specialty coatings. After years of continuous examination, analysis, and application, Bilfinger develops remediation campaigns focusing on asset life cycles. Bilfinger's certified craftsmen are skilled in providing practical, specialized coating solutions that control corrosion and maintain asset integrity, both offshore and onshore.

Surface Preparation

Our qualified surface preparation specialists have experience in a variety of surface preparation methods, including traditional abrasive blasting methods, as well as ultra-high pressure (UHP), 40k blasting services. Bilfinger owns, builds, and maintains a 40k UHP blasting equipment fleet, allowing us to provide customers with an alternative in areas where traditional abrasive blasting is not permitted. This service eliminates extensive clean-up and containment while delivering significant environmental advantages.

Most notably, Bilfinger’s new generation of UHP units manufactured in-house with a mechanical and intrinsically safe design allows UHP operations to be completed without Hot Work Permits.

Surface preparation methods offered by Bilfinger include the following:

  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Vapor Blasting
  • Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) 40k
  • High Pressure Washing

Coating Application

Bilfinger’s technicians are cross-trained in applying advanced coating systems in all work environments, including confined space. In addition to conventional coatings and high-solids coatings, we are committed to providing customers with innovative, custom solutions that save them time and money.

Bilfinger crews provide hi-tech coating systems tolerant to moisture on various surfaces and capable of curing quickly, at low temperatures, that protect surfaces and doubles as a metal repair system. These multipurpose systems are durable repair composites resistant to a wide variety of chemicals which provides customers with solutions that will not corrode with intact molecular welds and pit repairs.

Our coating services include:

  • Conventional Coatings
  • High Solids Coatings
  • Hi-Tech Coatings
  • Thermal Spray Aluminum
  • Nano Coatings
  • Multi-Component System Applications
  • Screed & Self-Levelling Screeds for Deck Areas
  • Tank & Vessel Linings
  • Non-Skid Deck & Heli-Deck Coating Systems
  • Heli-Deck Tile Applications
  • Late Life Coatings

Coating Inspections

Bilfinger’s National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) certified coating inspectors provide specification reviews, fault diagnosis, and third-party inspections. Our coating inspectors monitor all applications on-site and perform the many tests necessary for the long-term performance of a coating solution. Our services include on-site monitoring of atmospheric conditions, surface preparations, mixing, and application of the coatings.

Our inspection services include:

  • Survey & Evaluation
  • Specification Development
  • Material Selection
  • Specification Review
  • Technical Support
  • Composite Wraps

Corrosion Surveys

Bilfinger offers facility corrosion surveys, including a detailed inspection survey, precise repair plan, and budgetary estimate. Our facility corrosion surveys add demonstrable value to our customer's operations by providing the high-priority asset and severity level information required to properly plan maintenance budgets with a goal of continued reliability of their assets.

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