Access Solutions

We understand that each job is unique - with no "one fix-all" access solution for our industry's differing requirements and situations. That's why Bilfinger is committed to using the most appropriate and cost-efficient access method customized to fit our client's needs.

Whether the access need exists in a refinery, chemical plant, construction site, or on an offshore platform, our multi-discipline teams provide customers with the safest and most optimized access solution.

Our access techniques include the following:

  • Scaffolding
  • Bilfinger Rigging System
  • Air Spiders
  • Rope Access
  • Mobile Platforms & Cradles
  • Man-lifts


Bilfinger's full-service scaffolding team provides the complete design, engineering, installation, and dismantling of a broad range of access needs using various conventional and system scaffolding products.

As scaffolding specialists, we develop the most efficient and comprehensive methods to provide accessibility in the most challenging commercial and industrial environments while ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. Our NCCER certified craftsmen, managed by our scaffold Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), bring experience and unique competencies in scaffold job-planning and project execution that offer reliability and minimal operational delays.

Our customizable, cost-effective, and efficient scaffolding services include:

  • Access & Scaffold Design
  • Conventional Scaffolding
  • System Scaffolding
  • Inventory Management

With the implementation of various scaffolding innovations, Bilfinger delivers solutions in a safe, timely, and value-driven manner that exceeds our customers' expectations. Our scaffolding innovations include:

Bilfinger Scaffolding App
All scaffolding project data on your site is recorded in one digital file. This gives the foreman the advantage of a digital work order that is quicker and more accurate.

Bilfinger‘s Scaffold Portal
Digitizes the scaffold inventory and management process, introducing significant process improvements, giving full transparency of activities onsite and providing supervisory personnel digital twin access to all associated documentation.

Client Portal
The client portal enables you to view all information about scaffolding construction projects on your site via a digital platform. The Client Portal offers you an overview of the scaffolding on your site at the desired moment.

Magnetic Anchors
Anchors for scaffolding that do not require clamping, welding, or bolting.

3D Scanning
A method to map the assets using a 3D model and to engineer the scaffolding to size.

Rope Access

Bilfinger’s in-house rope access teams can support fabric maintenance and inspection programs and a full range of special disciplines. Industrial rope access is a proven method of achieving a safe work position at height or in difficult access areas. Our rope access teams also offer solutions for inspection, construction, and maintenance services across most onshore and offshore assets.

Rope access provides the ability to deploy an extended range of services for unique scopes that would benefit over traditional access methods, such as scaffolding, while delivering cost and time savings for our customers.

Cable Rigging System

Bilfinger possesses the first and only fully engineered cable rigging access system. Used extensively both domestically and overseas, the access system is certified to meet both North Sea UK HSE standards and ANSI A10.14 - 1991 American National Standard and the intent of OSHA 1926.501. Bilfinger's cable rigging system utilizes a system of cables and clamps, effectively allowing multipurpose access to a range of areas. This system provides a stable work platform that can be erected by multi-disciplined craftsmen in a minimal amount of time, providing considerable cost savings compared to some alternative access solutions.

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