Pharmaceuticals & Biopharma

Bilfinger has many years of experience in the engineering and construction of pharmaceutical and biopharma plants. We design, manufacture, and assemble component groups, and ready-to-operate process trains. We support the entire lifecycle of both pharma and biopharma plants.

We offer innovative products and solutions, such as:

  • Superskids for Upstream Processing
  • Purification Units for Downstream Processing
  • Connected Skid Mounted Biotech Process Units for Digitalization
  • Sterile, Clean Room & Ultra-Pure Media Technology
  • Advanced Technology and Software

Our services include:

  • Project Consulting
  • Container & Apparatus Engineering
  • Commissioning Support
  • Design of Clean Water Loops (Ion Exchangers, Reverse Osmosis, EDI, Distillation Units)
  • Process Design for Biotech Units
  • Design of Bioreactors and Fermenters
  • Manufacturing & Skid Assembly of Biotech Process Units
  • Process and Equipment Modification
  • Qualification & Process Technology Support
  • Assembly & Installation of EI&C
  • Upgrade & Maintenance (Mechanical & IE&C)
  • Small EPC(M) Services
  • Custom Automation Solutions
  • Pre-Fabrication
  • Sanitary Piping Fabrication & Installation

Bilfinger has developed an innovative software solution for a QbD/PAT-compliant production in biopharmaceutical processes. The software combines data acquisition and advanced analysis tools for cell culture production. With this software, Bilfinger has created a superior solution for increasing product efficiency and limiting batch production losses.

We have also developed a comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solution. Based on our strong process know-how in biotech pharmaceutical processes, Bilfinger incorporates preliminary design of the process equipment into the BIM model from the early design phase of the plant, eliminating design interactions.

With our extensive engineering and industrial project support capabilities, Bilfinger can deliver a true turn-key pharmaceutical or biopharma process solution including site installation.