Small Scale LNG Plants

Because it produces fewer emissions than diesel or heavy fuel oil, LNG has untapped potential in both land and sea transportation. Since the increase in LNG demand is often geographically scattered, it is increasingly important that LNG is produced locally in a smaller capacity, also known as Small Scale LNG (SSLNG).

With our SSLNG model, various gas sources can be used to produce LNG. Our technology and proprietary cryogenic equipment has been successfully deployed for decades. We have developed a pre-engineered process solution and a modularized design to achieve the shortest delivery time with minimum construction work on-site.

We offer complete supply solutions from the natural gas source to the end user, including pre-treatment of gas and natural gas liquefaction technology, LNG trailer loading stations, and LCNG/LNG refueling stations.

E&P Offshore & Onshore Wells

Bilfinger has been providing comprehensive offshore and onshore services for more than 20 years. Over that time, we have built a sterling reputation for experienced and capable project management, as well as a commitment to performance excellence.

For surface preparation and coatings, tank and vessel cleaning, material supply and much more, we are dedicated to providing an ever-improving standard of service and efficiency. In addition, all field personnel undergo comprehensive safety and skills training and are supported by the highest quality equipment available on the market today.

We handle the complete lifecycle of E&P offshore and onshore well infrastructure, including exploration, well development, production, and abandonment–offering all services from planning, engineering, procurement, and fabrication, as well as the construction, maintenance, and inspection of new and existing wells.

Our asset protection solutions help offshore and onshore rigs remain in compliance with regulatory and environmental standards, and help to optimize inspection and maintenance spending by ensuring continuously safe and efficient operations.