Gas Treatment Plants

With a truly international footprint, broad expertise in the oil and gas market, and a variety of technologies and services, Bilfinger brings added value to infrastructure projects. With over 40 years of gas processing experience, Bilfinger is the ideal partner for developing and executing projects, such as gas field development, gas processing plants, compression stations, and underground storages.

Our technology portfolio includes:

  • Competences and Know-How in Various Processes
  • Covering Water and Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Adjustment
  • Sulfur and Mercury Removal
  • CO2 Removal & Multiphase Separation

Bilfinger offers all services necessary from planning, engineering, procurement, and fabrication, as well as the construction and commissioning of new and existing plants.

Storage Tanks & Terminals

Design, construction and maintenance of storage tanks and terminals demand significant investment and the involvement of many stakeholders. In order to help our customers make the right decisions within the given time frame and budget, we can simulate entire projects from the beginning.

Bilfinger has comprehensive in-house resources and capabilities to design and engineer storage tanks and complete terminals. We can develop a complete digital tank terminal in:

  • 3D (Design)
  • 4D (Planning)
  • 5D (Costs)
  • 6D (Sustainability)
  • 7D (Maintenance Impact)