Chemical, Petrochemical & Specialty Chemical

Bilfinger covers the entire lifecycle of chemical, petrochemical, and special chemical infrastructure–handling design, procurement and fabrication, as well as the construction and maintenance of assets.

We build proprietary equipment in our fabrication facilities, ensuring high-quality products that will minimize associated risks with schedule, cost, and labor. Building on a strong reputation in the international process industry, our high-end process control systems ensure the safe and reliable operation of your plants.

Bilfinger offers all services necessary for planning, engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction, as well as commissioning and maintenance.

Process Units

With over 40 years of gas processing experience, Bilfinger is the perfect partner for developing and executing projects, such as gas processing plants, compression stations, and revamp services for process units.

Our technology portfolio includes:

  • Competences and Know-How in Various Processes
  • Covering Water and Hydrocarbon Dew Point Adjustment
  • Sulfur and Mercury Removal
  • CO2 Removal & Multiphase Separation
  • Complex Heat Exchanger Units.

Industrial Furnaces

Bilfinger has a strong reputation in industrial firing systems. Our offers address furnace revamp projects, as well as new furnace projects, such as cracking furnaces for ethylene plants.

Our expertise covers:

  • Low NOx-Burner Design and Fabrication
  • Burner Management System Design
  • DCS/PLC-Programming
  • Special Low NOx-Burners (with a Performance Comparable to SCR-Systems)
  • Waste Heat Recovery Design and Fabrication
  • Combustion System Design (with CFD Calculations for Furnace Firebox and Stack)
  • Steel Structure and Piping/Ducting for Industrial Furnaces
  • Construction and Maintenance of Furnaces

Steam Boilers

Bilfinger has extensive knowledge in the design of steam generators, firing systems, and water steam cycles–including external piping and flue gas treatment.

Based on our long-term experience we focus on:

  • Increasing Steam Boiler Efficiency
  • Operational Flexibility and Availability
  • Reduction of Operational and Maintenance Costs and Emissions

Process Plant Utilities

Bilfinger offers all services necessary for process plant utility planning, engineering design, component manufacturing, turnkey installation,  procurement, fabrication, and construction, as well as commissioning and maintenance.

Bilfinger offerings comprise many sections and units of process plant utilities design, including:

  • Heat Exchange Process Units
  • Piping Systems
  • Compressor Stations
  • Phase Separation Units
  • Steam Generators
  • Tank farm
  • Terminal

Steam Piping Systems

With more than 60 years of experience in the planning and delivery of steam piping systems, Bilfinger is one of the world's leading providers of steam piping systems.

Our services include:

  • Fabrication of Special Piping, Steel Structures & Modular Skids (In-House)
  • Fabrication Planning
  • Quality Control
  • Inspection
  • Remote-Control Orbital Welding on Piping Systems (with High Wall Thickness)