Riggers bring unique skills to a job that are essential to ensure equipment and materials are moved safely around a job site. Get ready to experience the highest standard of quality training and assessment with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum.

Classes at Bilfinger Skilled Trades Academy give trainees the knowledge and hands-on experiences to be successful and learn safe practices to help reduce workplace injuries while meeting State and Federal safety requirements. Trainees receive individualized training and graduates are offered job placement assistance.

Trainees receive Core: Introductory Craft Skills, Signal Person, Basic Rigger, Intermediate Rigger, and Advanced Rigger instruction. Graduates have essential knowledge and skills to prepare for the NCCER assessment and performance verification test(s) for Advanced Rigger, Intermediate Rigger, Basic Rigger and/or Signal Person. The Complete Rigger program is perfect for everyone regardless of experience level.  This program combines classroom discussion, hands-on activities, and rigging simulation exercises to prepare trainees for the industry-recognized NCCER knowledge and performance verification assessments.

Fast Track courses are available for experienced craftsmen and live-streaming is available during lectures and discussions. All testing is completed at the Canton, OH training facility.

Course topics include:

  • Advanced rigging devices and principles of operations
  • ITI Virtual Realty Rigging Simulator Seat-Time
  • Load charts for safe lifting operations
  • Lift planning including development and implementation for safe lifting and safe hoisting of personnel
  • Rigging equipment and hoists for inverted loads
  • Equipment and procedures used to safely move loads
  • Principles of load dynamics with concepts of mobile crane leverage and stability
  • Wire rope construction, inspections, maintenance, and handling
  • Safe assembly and disassembly of lattice and telescopic-booms and jib installation
  • Principles of load dynamics with concepts of mobile crane leverage and stability
  • Identification and use of various rigging hardware, slings, sling hitches, hoisting, and jacking equipment
  • Crane operation safety and OSHA and ASME standards
  • Mobile-Crane operation considerations related to power lines, weather conditions, and responding to various incidents
  • Fundamental understanding of crane types and crane movement
  • Basic principles of lifting and leverage
  • Crane operation verbal and nonverbal communication process and communication barriers and OSHA compliance
  • Basic jobsite safety and material handling
  • Basic safety and maintenance on construction tools and hardware
  • Basic construction drawing interpretation and use of drawing dimensions
  • Basic rigging operations and safe work habits
  • Effective communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills

Bilfinger Skilled Trades Academy

Bilfinger Skilled Trades Academy

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